Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Innocent Man..

A man who change from a nice guy to a bad guy..
It happen coz of girl..
A man who saranghae a woman that he really love even sacrifice everything he could done even to take his life on a risk..
Somehow the love doesn't care about it..

What would u thinking if someone that u love just go with some else..
she love u but coz of chasing the wealth to guarantee the next life much better she leave u just like that..
But she doesn't mean too.. She still love u just things change.. So does she..
It's not that being with u doesn't give her happiness..
It just she tired to live such a pitiful life..

After she take her path..
The man take his own road too..
Meeting a girl who just a right girl to take it his revenge actually but never tought that it just make his life even chaos..
But it's not just about him..
The girl that he met or which is he already plan to know her because she is a daughter of man that the woman he love married..

U know what.. The story are beautiful..
U can see the emotion and a journey about love...
I just wish n hope I will meet the Kang Maru in my life..
At least someone like him..

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