Saturday, July 17, 2010


Before this I watched Brilliant Legacy.. So I guess I can rest for watching korean drama after this.. It's like I've been thinking that after this the drama not so fun to watch.. Coz I love Brilliant Legacy before this.. Even Me and my dad also my sister will wait for this story.. Especially me.. Hahaa.. I did watch the preview the new one but not bring me the mood to watch.. Even the hero not handsome at all..

I'm totally wrong.. My fair lady is really fun to watch.. And so good.. Even hero dia lama2 aku terpikat.. Hahaa.. Memang tak handsome but sweet tu ada gak ar.. And love eun hye as a lady.. Trust me.. No one can take her place to get that role.. Only her can do the miss young lady yang kaya.. angkuh and cantik itu.. And hero dia pun sweet sangat.. Lama2 tengok aku pun bleh terpikat.. Takkan that miss lady boleh terpikat yang aku ni just orang biasa langsung tak terpikat dengan that butler.. Hahaa.. Just kidding.. But now I can accept that the hero is not so bad.. I'm glad that was him that lady choose finally.. Mmm.. That lawyer pun handsome gak.. Even lagi handsome dari butler tu.. But I still like the hero better.. Not b'coz he play the role hero but b'coz.. Just him.. I like him just b'coz him.. Hahaa

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 Julai 2010

When 1st time aku suke Super Junior it's not b'coz of their popularity.. Even aku tak tahu pun yang Super Junior itu popular group at korea.. Aku suke coz lagu diorang.. Sorry Sorry.. Even my eyes can't take off on kyuhyun for the 1st time..

Then It's u just blow out the record.. That single just open my heart to get know better about Super Junior.. Especially Eunhyuk.. Even now mantain His is the number 1.. Even I like kyuhyun 1st.. Hahaa.. But still I love him..

I watched a lot about Suju @ Super Junior.. Their show.. Their song.. Their story.. Even I know every single of them so close..

B'coz of sukira Iknow 2pm.. By Heartbeat.. Sukira dj's by my beloved Eunhyuk and leeteuk..

Their now release new album called bonamania.. OMG! Super Junior new image just killing me.. Eunhyuk r so hot with his body so tough.. Also the rest even just 10 of them without Kibum, Kangin and Hankyung..

I wish good luck to u guys.. Always gonna be my fav one.. And not forget 2pm.. Fighting!!!