Saturday, January 22, 2011


Finally done their cut for 2010.. Even now are 2011.. Aku x tau kalo next week still ade yg terbaru or just the old one.. Coz tadi adalah episod terakhir diorang.. Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally gonna miz single one of them even to the crews and director Na who always captured a good and funny side of them.. I don't even care if they repeat the old one coz I'm not watched from the 1st place.. Only the half part of their journey.. Padahal 5 years da diorang together on this show.. How I can miz all such beautiful show like this.. What a waste..

Hodong.. Sageun.. Seung gi.. Jiwon.. Jongmin.. Mong c.. And last but not least.. Kim c.. This is our star for this show.. Trust me.. All this people are the funniest ever on this show even you can't stop from smilling and laughing.. Sometimes I'll cry.. Sometimes I'll laugh like a crazy.. Evn sometimes I can'y stop from smilling every single second of it.. Huh!!!!! Please say it to me that it's not gonna end till ever..

Aku tak tau nak cakap camne.. Maybe some people gonna say yg aku ni gile coz terlalu obses ngan benda2 camni.. But u know what.. I don't care.. Kalo aku dah suka maknanya aku mmg suka dan akan terus suka hingga aku rase dah betul2 bosan.. But u know what.. I'm never get bored.. Hahaa.. Even td aku dah start miz already 2 days 1 night.. Aku rindu nk tgk gelagat diorang.. Aku rindu nak tgk tugasan diorang.. Aku rindu nak tgk denda apa yang diorang kena n siapa yg kne and siapa yg kantoi and siapa yang black hole and siapa yang akan jadi mangsa seterusnya.. Hahaa.. Ang i will laughing till my tears drop.. What ever with my english.. Hahaa.. Cam lintang pukang jek.. Hahaa..