Saturday, November 24, 2012

There's a time when you really miss all those time that gave u so much happy time..
I wish i have a machine time so i can get all the happy time again..
Collect and keep it..
So i can reply and repeat it again and again n again until forever...

Can i get it again?
U know what..
I do really have to enjoy my life who just once in a life time..
All the time pass u by never get back to u again..
So u and i must appreciate all little single time that passing us..

Sebab itu orang pernah cakap yang hidup itu hanya sekali..
So jangan sesekali bazirkan hidup itu..
lalui n nikmati hidup ini dengan syukurnya..
N jadikan hidup sekali itu hanya sekali dengan tanpa sesal..
jadikan hidup itu hanya sekali...

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