Sunday, April 25, 2010


I hate people yang suke menjatuhkan orang lain..
Yap!!! Still that issue..
About Jaebeom left 2pm coz mulut2 puaka ini..
Really made my heart so sick..

Kalo dorang tak bukak cerita lama ni mesti Jaebeom still in the group..
And kalo orang luar tak masuk campur mesti ini tak mempengaruhi Jaebeom untuk keluar..
I bet Jaebeom feel so guilty coz hat issue..
But that one about a few years ago..
As a fan..
I still sokong Jaebeom no matter what..
Tadi read newspaper..
Ada story about him..
Now he's on the movie..
'Hype nation' I think the tittle..
Can't wait to see it..
Only coz u beb!!!

P/S : Being a secret admirer sometimes is hard but it's fun.. I'm not just a fan to them but I like them.. Damnly deep.. Hahaa.. Just ignore me.. Focus on 2pm and just about to forget a Super Junior for awhile.. But still u guys no.1.. 2pm 2nd..

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