Friday, April 23, 2010


Is it true?
Some people said sometimes better left unsaid..
Coz by words people can misunderstand..
But what if u never tell the true and it get worse..
Don't you think it's bad?
Coz you not telling it than people also still can misunderstand it..
So what you choose?
Unsaid or just said it..

Sometimes I just keep it to me..
Sometimes I just let it go coz I can't bear it anymore..
It's not fair to let me hold it by my own..
I'm so bored..
I love making doe about life..
Coz even I'm not experienced but still I can feel it..

Sometimes you don't have to get the experience to feel it..
Just by using your heart than you pass it..
You guys must trying hard to get what I'm trying to say..
I even know myself..
My heart just want to speak..
So this is what my heart want to say..
Actually a lot..
But my stomach really hurt me..
Sounds like it play keroncong..
Telling me that it hungry..

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