Monday, October 4, 2010


Bigbang different than the other group that I like.. Bigbang tak pandai dances sangat.. Even no famous dances except for TOP style with point finger thing.. Bigbang dikenali dengan lagu2 dia yg memang best gile.. With their style yg memang beyond of fashion rules.. Especially G dragon.. Always keep the hip hop mood to all the songs.. Always have a beautiful voice and amazing melodies..

Bigbang did gave me a right melody to my ears.. Their song complete me.. And u know what.. Most of the song G dragon yang writed the lyrics.. Bigbang x byk on reality tv show berbanding super junior and 2pm.. Even new album in maker so no new song except the latest yg aku dgr lolypop 2.. So i'll waiting for the new outcoming Bigbang..

I love TOP with his big voice when he doing the rapping.. Always gonna be my fav.. And can't wait to c his acting on more films and dramas.. I love G DRAGON too.. Always gonna be my fav leader yang sporting and have a beautiful smile and so talented.. I love SEUNG RI the maknae.. Always take care the members even his the youngest one.. I love DAESUNG.. Always smile until cannot see ur sepet eyes.. So funny and always give the mood to the members.. I love TAEYANG.. Love his voice and his kindness.. So lovely and soft.. SARANGHAE to BIGBANG..

I hope u guys always gonna be a BIGBANG.. 5ive of u.. Always be together.. Please don't separate.. I don't care if u guys want to have solo but don't u ever ever split up.. Stick together like family till the end..

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